You’ll never be stuck for something to do in Orkney! Rain or shine, you will find adventures waiting around every corner. Here are some ideas — and you can find a handy checklist in our magazine to help you tick them all off!

20 Fun things to do in all weather

  1. Build sandcastles at Scapa Beach.
  2. Dig for treasure in the sand at Dingieshowe.
  3. Bounce on the trampoline at Postman Pat’s Playpark in Stromness.
  4. Play hide and seek in the Tankerness House Gardens.
  5. Paddle in the water at Happy Valley in Stenness.
  6. Roll down the grassy banks at The Tomb of the Eagles.
  7. Check out what’s on for some fun at the Pickaquoy Leisure Centre.
  8. Spot some lifeboats at Kirkwall, Stromness and Longhope.
  9. Count how many steps it takes to cross the causeway at Brough of Birsay.
  10. Have a natter and a make-believe tea party, using the teapot in Olav’s Wood.
  11. Have a picnic after some crazy golf at Burray PlayPark.
  12. Make your voice echo inside a cairn at Wideford Hill.
  13. Go seal spotting, just about anywhere! You might even spot a whale…
  14. Pretend to rustle up some dinner in the Stone Age kitchen at Skara Brae.
  15. Visit the museums at Corrigall Farm and Kirbuster Farm (check first to see if they are open!).
  16. Make up a tall tale about The Old Man of Hoy.
  17. Get your wellies on and find the swing at Binscarth Wood.
  18. Learn about the Standing Stones and the Ring of Brodgar.
  19. Find a tiny Groatie Buckie shell, hidden in the sand at Skaill Beach.
  20. Never mind a bear hunt — go on a hare hunt at Yesnaby!