Visiting the outer islands is a must when venturing to Orkney, and visitors must factor in a trip off the Mainland if time allows.

The isles are normally serviced by regular air and ferry services, and Orkney Ferries operates from Kirkwall Harbour, sailing to Westray, Papa Westray, Stronsay, Eday, Sanday, Shapinsay and North Ronaldsay.

From Houton in Orphir, you can sail to Hoy and Flotta and, from Stromness, you can travel to Graemsay and North Hoy.

From Tingwall, the ferry sails to Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre, and you can fly to six of the isles — Westray, Papa Westray, Stronsay, Sanday, Eday and North Ronaldsay.

You can also fly from Kirkwall Airport to six of the isles — visit for more information.

Use our interactive map to find out more about each of the islands you can explore.

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Isles Directory

Here, the Orkney Islander presents a handy guide to some of the services in the isles — so if you’re setting off on an island adventure, be sure to check it out before you go. Need a bed for the night? Perhaps you’re on the hunt for genuine island crafts, or just a great cuppa to help you catch your breath . . . these are just some of the services you’ll find at a glance below.


North Walls Kirk (Self-Catering)

Hoy, KW16 3NX
01856 850651 / 07810 097803
STL: OR00259P

Stromabank Hotel

Longhope, Hoy, KW16 3PA
01856 701494

North Ronaldsay

North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory

Twingness, North Ronaldsay, KW17 2BE
01857 633200

Papa Westray

Papa Westray Hostel

Beltane House, Papa Westray, KW17 2BU
01857 644224 / 01857 644321


Rousay Tours

01856 821234 / 07786 169364

The Taversoe

01856 821325

Trumland Farm (Self-Catering)

Rousay, KW17 2PU
01856 821252 / 07545 374029
STL: OR00283F EPC: C


59 Degrees North (Motorhome Aire, Café, Gift Shop & Pizzeria)

Burness, Sanday, KW17 2AZ
01857 600260

Ayre’s Rock Hostel & Campsite

Coo Road, Sanday, KW17 2AY
01857 600410

Quoyayre (Self-Catering)

Sanday, KW17 2BL
01857 600348 / 07719 339295
STL: OR00045F EPC: F

Sinclair General Stores

Kettletoft, Sanday, KW17 2AY
01857 600312

The Old Bakery (Self-Catering)

Sanday, KW17 2BJ
01857 600348 / 07719 339295
STL: OR00210F EPC: F

The Sanday Bus

Sanday, KW17 2BN
07513 084777


Iona, Self Catering, Cottage

Balfour, Shapinsay, KW17 2EA
07803 016972
STL: OR00002F EPC: B


Marion Miller

Blinkbonny, Stronsay, KW17 2AF
07919 550943


Hume Sweet Hume

Pierowall, Westray, KW17 2BZ
01857 677259

Pierowall Hotel

Pierowall, Westray, KW17 2BZ
01857 677472

Westraak Tours

Pierowall, Westray, KW17 2DH
01857 677777 / 07793 216922

Westray Golf Club

07742 095064

Westray Heritage Centre

Westray, KW17 2BZ
01857 677414

W. I. Rendall (General Store and Groatie Buckie Café)

Pierowall, Westray, KW17 2DH
01857 677389